Overwhelmed, stuck, or unsure of what to do? 


We can help you get to where you want to go.


How we will work with you is dependent on YOUR needs. Our trained coaches will listen to your struggles, collaborate with you on setting goals, utilize your strengths and provide insight into solving your problems. Furthermore, we will provide you with alternative perspectives, plans of action and new skills to effectively cope with your stressors.

Our health, wellness, trauma-certified & board-certified coaches have expertise in helping guide you through the following areas:

  • Personal growth & development 

    • Accountability & goal refinement

    • Creating and implementing new routines / habits

    • Behavioral restructuring

    • Getting unstuck

    • Negative cycles and pattern breaking

    • Stress management & mindfulness techniques

    • Time & behavior management

    • Organization ​​

  • Growth mindset

    • Working through and eliminating fears

    • Self-esteem & confidence restoration

    • Emotional intelligence

    • Depression & anxiety management

    • Neurolinguistic programming (NLP)

    • Reframing of distorted thinking

  • Health & wellness 

    • Lifestyle changes - fitness, nutrition

    • Education on mind-body connection

    • Holistic balance

      • Energy healing and emotion freedom techniques

      • Spirituality​

      • Law of attraction

      • Strength cultivation

  • Relationship coaching

    • ​Boundary setting

    • Effective communication skills

    • Parenting & relational difficulties

    • Breaking toxic patterns

  • Career

    • Professional restructuring ​

    • Executive functioning & entrepreneurship 

    • Career transitions

  • ​For Professionals / Therapists

    • Work/life balance

    • Building your own private practice

    • Small business coaching

Coaching is a separate service from psychotherapy. We can help you decide during your phone consultation what the right fit for you may be. 

Coaching sessions can either be in-person in New Jersey or via phone for residents outside of New Jersey.

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