Nutrition Services

Personalized Functional Nutrition plans & guidance

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At Counseling by the Sea, we believe in a holistic, all-natural approach to wellness.

Nutritional services include two initial 90-minute sessions where your nutritionist will review your medical history, lab & blood work and gain an extensive understanding of your body. You will also review your goals for your work together - because every one is different!

Based on your goals, your nutritionist will either (or all!) develop a comprehensive & personalized meal plan for you, recipe guide, grocery shopping list, exercise regimen and supplement list. Your plan may even include journal entries, body positive affirmations & a food diary. This will all depend on what you discuss with your nutritionist and what you both decide is the best fit for you!

You will also be continuously educated on what foods are healthy for your particular body. You can schedule as many check-in's as you like with your nutritionist after you have received your materials for continuing education, guidance
and behavioral modification.


Taylor is a functional nutritionist that specializes in using evidenced based nutrition and food as medicine to treat the root cause of any illness- physical, emotional, and/or metabolic- that affects our ability to live a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life. Taylor helps move individuals into a state of optimal health by providing the tools and resources necessary to make informed health choices. Taylor focuses on the client as an individual with their own personal and genetic uniqueness, health history, lifestyle, environment, and cultural influences and designs a personalized food plan specific to their nutritional needs and health goals.

Taylor’s functional nutrition service requires two initial consultations that take place no more than 2-weeks apart. The first session is 60-90 minutes and consists of an extensive series of questions designed to learn more about you and your present health status. Taylor also provides educational materials and teaches basic nutrition principles during the first session. In the second session you well receive your personalized nutrition plan, grocery list, recipe cards, sample meal ideas, helpful handouts, reference materials, and forms for tracking your progress.

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Taylor Groff