Here at Counseling by the Sea, we also provide group therapy & art therapy experiences for pre-screened clients who are of similar age range and struggling with similar issues and goals. Groups meet weekly for 8-10 consecutive weeks at a time, at the same day and time of each week. Group counseling is a wonderful way to gain an added therapeutic experience, by relating to, learning from and helping other people, in the midst of your own healing journey.


At this time, we are offering the following group therapy experiences: 

Social Anxiety & Relationship Building

Wednesday nights 6-730pm


This is a therapy group surrounding working through social anxieties and barriers to relationships. We will address interpersonal skills, perception, social & relationship fears, self-worth & self-esteem building and communication skills. This group is a way to learn that you are not alone in your concerns of what others think of you, and is a bridge to building meaningful friendships and relationships that last. 

Different age groups:

Women ages 25-35 and 35-45


Preteen Support Group


Friday's 4-5pm

This group is for preteens to learn how to make connections,

build self-esteem and gain peer support during the transition

into the teenage years.

Adolescents ages 11-14
















Women's Trauma Art Therapy Group

This group is a safe and confidential space for women (ages 18 and up) to come together to be heard and understood. This group will address important topics such as reactions to trauma, managing triggers, trust and relationships, boundaries, self- esteem issues as well as mindfulness strategies and positive coping skills through guided art therapy.

Summer Art Therapy Groups

Parents & Children Bonding and Skills Building Group

'Mental Health Matters' Healing circle - Community building and emotional processing group for adults


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Post-COVID Support Group

Friday's 5-6pm

This group is for adults navigating the after-effects, trauma and changes since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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