The Best Type of Therapy for You?

How do you know which type of therapy is best for you? Approximately half of the individuals who call to schedule a session with me are looking for a specific therapeutic intervention or modality. The rest of my clients do not usually know what exactly they are looking for, but they just know that they want some sort of help and guidance. Either scenario is okay! I created a page on my website that provides articles and information regarding the different types of therapeutic services that I provide. I work from an integrative standpoint, which means that I utilize a variety of modalities in my practice in order to best enhance the well-being of your mind, body and spirit.

Not every modality works for every individual. You are each unique in your own ways. Therefore, there is no one size fits all approach here. Based off of your goals and needs, you may benefit more from cognitive-behavioral therapy, whereas someone else may benefit from solution-focused therapy. My biggest suggestion is that my clients keep an open mind to the therapeutic process, as well as speak up and let me know how they are feeling along the way. If something is not working for you, we can go in a different direction.

Are you experiencing an overload of negative thoughts? Maybe cognitive-behavioral therapy would be best. Are you looking to better manage your stress? Perhaps you would connect with mindfulness-based stress reduction. Do you struggle with a personality or bipolar disorder? Dialectical-behavioral therapy is an evidence-based modality that has been shown to help with those types of mental illnesses. My goal is to help you in the most effective way that works for you. You are the director of your wellness experience.

Below is a great article that can be an adjunct to my resources page. You can find descriptions of many different therapy models to enhance your knowledge and understanding.

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