Spring Cleaning (for your Mental Health)

Don't worry - Spring is almost here!

It is common to experience more feelings of sadness and depression during the colder, more dreary months of the year. As we approach springtime, this is a good opportunity for us to do an emotional overhaul. Here are some ways to get out of the winter blues and create some more balance and happiness in your life.

My "Spring Cleaning" Tips:

1. Engage in an actual cleaning of your living space.

  • Clutter can increase stress and overwhelm our senses with extraneous stimuli.

  • Sort through your clothes and belongings and finally get rid of all of the items you've been holding onto, but haven't used in months or years. Donate your items to a local charity, shelter, or Goodwill.

  • This can be a great "purging" experience to rid of items that are just cluttering your space (and thus cluttering your mind)!

2. Create a "safe" or "happy" space.

  • Not only is it important to get organized and de-clutter your living space, but it is valuable to your mental health to create a space that you feel comfortable in.

  • Re-decorate or re-arrange your furniture. Add in decorations or items that bring you joy (whether that be plants, aromatherapy, pictures of loved ones, neutral tones or bright colors, etc.)

  • Create a space that you look forward to coming home to and that you are able to relax in.

3. Take stock of what is no longer serving you.

  • Are you holding onto any toxic relationships (or friendships)?

  • Are you engaging in behaviors that are hurting you or others, rather than helping?

  • Are you spending too much time on social media, and not face-to-face interactions?

  • Take some time to think about what areas of your life may be causing more harm than good, and get rid of what is no longer serving you.

4. Take care of your physical health.

  • Exercise is the most naturally effective, yet underutilized antidepressant.

  • Get on an exercise regimen that you ENJOY and that works for YOU.

  • Not only will this help with your physical health, but physical activity helps boost your mood and serotonin levels.

  • I highly recommend yoga for clients who experience anxiety. (Remember my article on meditation?!) Stretching is also a great way to DETOX your body.

5. Add in more healthy and enriching activities to your weekly (or daily) routine.

  • Make a list of any activity that may either be new to you, OR a hobby that you used to engage in but stopped.

  • Research those activities and see which ones may be offered in your area, or that you could do at home for free!

  • Take out your calendar and schedule in when you can engage in these new activities.

The ultimate goal is to rid of what is no longer serving us and add in new healthy behaviors that lead us to a more balanced well-being.

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