Habits of Successful People

1. They don't hit the snooze button.

At night, plan your outfit, to-do list and tasks for the next day. Wake up early. Start your day with positive affirmations and review your goals for the day. Meditate for at least 5 minutes. If possible, exercise in the morning as a way to allow yourself to burn energy all day long. Allow your mornings to be productive and pleasant, not dreary and dreaded.

2. They are purpose-oriented.

Set goals for yourself, and methods to keep track of them. Give yourself a clearly defined purpose that you work towards each day. Let go of what you believe others expect of you, and focus on what YOU want to achieve for yourself.

3. They embrace "failure."

Get up and try again, every time. Learn from your mistakes or the mistakes of others. Acknowledge your guilt/shame/self-doubt and move on.

4. They create their ideal daily routine.

Take ownership of your schedule. Make time for yourself. Have the ability to step away from your job (or school) and have a life outside of the workplace. Incorporate fun, social activities throughout your week. It is impossible to be overall successful when you are not taking care of yourself.

5. They take risks.

Step out of your comfort zone. A comfort zone is a wonderful place, but nothing ever grows there. Accept uncertainty.

6. They build their self-confidence.

Challenge yourself. Educate yourself. Celebrate your wins AND your lessons. Focus on how YOU feel, not what you believe other people think or expect of you (because it's probably not even accurate).

7. They let go of the past.

Not letting go of the past keeps you from moving forward in personal development. It is time to let go of mistakes you made or past instances when people may have wronged you. It will be more difficult for you to form healthier habits if you continue to compare your present self to your past self.

8. They help others.

Be kind to others, even if they are not kind to you. Show selfless acts of love and compassion towards other people. Focusing on being more helpful and pleasant with the people in your life will help you cultivate a lifestyle of positive thinking and action.

These steps can help you develop the traits needed to be "successful."

Goal-oriented, results-driven, action-oriented, people-oriented, health-conscious, self-disciplined and HONEST.

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