Thoughts on Covid-19

Hey guys - I know a lot of you are panicking. And as someone who is trained to remain calm in the face of disaster and remain a source of calm for those who are experiencing panic, I would feel selfish and remiss if I did not share the following. In my years of studying human behavior and learning to understand existence and the human experience, I have come to understand that we are meant to live in love, and not live in fear. However, all that we have been doing as a global society, for centuries, is live in fear. There is not a single doubt in my mind (and I truly believe this with every fiber of my being) that coronavirus is here to teach us a massive lesson of what we, as a collective, need to redirect and recorrect. We have been sent these lessons before, and let me tell you, we have miserably failed. All we do is live in fear. We separate, we segregate, we judge, we scold, we criticize, we hoard, we take, we hurt, we kill. We act out of fear and we act out of greed. And that is NOT how it is supposed to be. We are meant to live and act in love with one another. Fear is at the root of every problem we have: personally, interpersonally, nationally and globally. Fear is quite literally at the root of disease; the reason for the chemicals that are in our plants and food that cause the illnesses we develop; stress breaks down our immune systems leading to a breeding ground for infection. Fear is and always has been at the root. We will not be able to treat or solve a problem with the very thing that caused that problem. Panic will, literally, scientifically and biologically NOT do anything to help you or change your circumstances. Panic will stay stuck within you, and only cause you to act out of fear. Panic will not help you stay healthy. It will not help you "prepare." It will not help you do anything productive. It quite literally, at the very basic level, will not do a single thing for you. Culturally, we are taught that being fearful and pessimistic is realistic. It's not. It's actually nothing. Fear is a form of delusion, and all we are meant to be doing is living in the present moment. Ground yourself. There is nothing that you are or ever have been in control of outside of yourself. ALL that we are ever in control of is our effort, our behaviors and our reactions. That is all. I encourage you to consider not giving energy to something that does not even exist. Do what you should have been doing already: wash your hands; don't cough or sneeze on other people; stay home if you are sick; if you are sick, go to the doctor. But, please, continue to live your lives. I completely understand that many of you are concerned about your financial wellbeing, the wellbeing of your families, your health, their health and your expiration date here on this planet. That is all valid. I completely understand that we quickly go inwards and freeze in fear of what will happen to us if our outside world does not look the way that we want it to or we think that we need it to. But we will not get out of this in the way we are meant to if we use this as another opportunity to stay stuck in self and separate from one another. We need to be helping one another. Not hoarding toilet paper so no one else can have any. Not buying all of the hand sanitizer and stealing from thy neighbor. Not placing blame on certain races or cultures for our problems. We need to be helping one another and have compassion for one another and each other's experiences. This would not be happening if we were doing things right. We created this. We have gotten ourselves here, and I beg of you to consider how we can, collectively, help ourselves out of this. I'm not here to argue or debate; I am only here to provide insight. please, live in love.

we are being asked to go inward. we are being shown that we have to find safety and security within our own selves. seeking safety and security outside of ourselves is not sustainable, and we are being shown that. the things we used to find comfort in are being shut down, closed, destroyed. we are being asked to build trust in ourselves and find that comfort from within, rather than depending on other people, the external and the material for that comfort. we are being asked to work on ourselves, in order to be better able to come together. we are being forced away from one another in order to learn how to be present and heal ourselves. judging one another, deciding for each other how we should feel, react and behave, and telling each other what to do or not to do out of angst and fear will quite literally do nothing, other than create more separation. we are being asked to do the work. meditate, journal, breathe, stretch, take care of our bodies, talk to our inner child, get to know our ego, heal our traumas. I have never seen a bigger wake-up call. we are being asked to WAKE UP. unfortunately, at the expense of lives, health, jobs, wellbeing. I get that, and I hear you. but I encourage us all to also consider taking this time to get to know ourselves and hold space for one another without judgment. everyone is feeling and experiencing something from this. so therefore, i try to have compassion. because if I choose not to see the greater purpose in all of this, then I have failed. and have stayed asleep. I see your discomfort, I hear your pain and I understand your fear. and I am here for you.

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