How to Cope with Workplace Stress

by McKensie Shiner

If you have ever held a job in your life, even one you absolutely love, you have probably faced some type of work-related stress. Stress can have negative effects on the body such as headaches, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, and many more. At Counseling by the Sea, we want to help you cope with workplace stress so you can work on being a happy and healthy person. Here are some tips to cope with this popular issue:


A good way to limit workplace stress is to first keep a journal to track what seems to stress you out the most at work and how you respond to this. Is this recurring instance something that can be avoided or limited? If so, it is encouraged you talk to whoever you can to make arrangements for this. Most coworkers or supervisors would appreciate you bringing up concerns to them and working with them to find a solution.

Balance your work-home life

With the ever-evolving world of technology, it’s easy to feel pressured to be available to work 24/7. If you find yourself stressed by work even from home, it’s time to set boundaries involving being out-of-office when you’re home instead of answering emails or taking work calls. Consider adding an automated response message to your email account to ensure everyone is on the same page and let your clients or coworkers know you will answer them during normal business hours.


Though it seems silly, a good way to manage work stress is to focus on your ability to relax when outside of work. A great way to do this is to implement practices that promote stability such as yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, walking, or a hobby like painting. By giving your brain some extra time to recharge, you are also training it to learn to remain calm when you’re faced with stress. In addition, it is good to just sit for 5 minutes with your thoughts as you drink coffee or read a book alone. Enjoying the little moments can go a long way in terms of your mood.

Stay Organized

It is easy to get overwhelmed when you are disorganized and can’t seem to find what you need while trying to do your job, especially when the matter is time-sensitive. Implementing an organizational system is a great way to limit stress before it even happens. From buying a planner or using an online calendar to simply getting a paper tray for different documents and files, you can cut down on your workplace stress immensely.

Listen to Music

Though not applicable to every job, it is nice to find time throughout the day to listen to music, even if this is before or after work or on your lunch break. Listening to music is known to boost moods and even allow some people to calm down. Popular streaming sites like Apple Music and Spotify even have curated playlists depending on your mood so you’re not stuck searching for specific songs. Soft background music can even help you focus during the day.

If you find these habits work, but you still need more support, we are here to help you. Contact Counseling by the Sea for support in your journey to a healthier you.