How to Get Out of Your COVID-19 Rut

By McKensie Shiner

When the global pandemic shocked the world last year, it was hard to stay in a steady routine. When stores shut their doors, businesses closed down, and educational facilities went remote, everyone was unsure what to do or when it would all be over.

Spending more time at home for so many months and living in uncertainty may have led to weight gain, depression, anxiety, and an overall disinterest in things that used to excite you.

As vaccinations become available and more of the world begins to reopen to our new normal, you may not know how to get out of the rut you got into over the last year.

Here are some tips to help you start to fall into a new routine or revisit your old one as we try to navigate through this together.

Accept it

The hardest thing about getting in a rut is the denial that comes with it. You may tell yourself you are just tired or worn out and you will feel better tomorrow, but when tomorrow comes and it’s not better, you may spiral even further.

Accepting the situation for what it is and understanding it’s okay to not always be 100% okay is a great place to start.

Establish goals

Whether it be a cup of coffee you haven’t enjoyed in a while or going out for a walk, setting some goals for yourself to keep you on track is an important step to being successful in getting out of a rut.

You can start with as many or as few as you like, however, try to make at least some of them achievable to avoid self doubt.

Remember self care

Once your mindset starts to downfall, so can your overall health. You may start saying to yourself you don’t need to go for a haircut, wash your face, or even spend time with friends and family and seek support.

Be sure to prioritize self care on your journey back to a healthier and happier you. Doing one small act to brighten your mood a day will pay off sooner than you think.

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