Living with OCD: Define, Accept, Cope

By McKensie Shiner

Whether you, yourself, or someone you know is struggling with Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCD), there are some important things to know about it that may help you better understand or cope with it.

First, what is OCD?

The first part of OCD is the obsession, or the recurring thoughts or urges that cause anxiety. The compulsion comes from mental or behavioral actions. Together, these cause severe stress in an individual suffering from OCD.

OCD affects everyone differently, which is another reason it is so widely known. While some people may face this in a topic of interest or hobby, others suffer in aspects like organization or being in control.

A great way to cope with OCD is acceptance. Rather than turning judgemental to yourself or your loved one, instead, show acceptance. Judgement may only make matters worse.

Therapy is another great way to cope with OCD, as is medication. Some people find solace in speaking their mind and getting medical help.

Additionally, exercise and yoga can also aid in the battle with OCD. Exercising your mind to not try to find a rational explanation for your OCD can also help in the matter.

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