The Importance of Boundaries

by McKensie Shiner

One of the easiest ways to fail in setting boundaries is to not understand them. To put it simply, boundaries are a limit that marks an area. As people, this means we set these boundaries to show others ways we are comfortable being interacted with. Boundaries are also important for us to identify how we respond to certain behaviors toward us.

Setting boundaries is necessary to healthy living. They allow us to be individual and independent, which is essential when it comes to balance.

Here are some ways to set boundaries:

  1. Identify your limits

Pay attention to actions that may make you feel uncomfortable and uneasy and recognize that feeling. You may not understand why something bothers you, but that doesn’t mean your feelings are invalid. You have every right to set a boundary with someone who is crossing the line with you.

2. Be direct

It is unlikely that ignoring the problem will make it go away. Instead, it is best to be direct when you find someone crossing your boundary. Whether it is an action or phrase that bothers you, it is best to address it as soon as it happens to try to avoid it from happening again. Many people don’t realize they are crossing a boundary until they are confronted about it. It is always best to be direct and honest in this situation.

3. Take time for yourself

A great way to practice setting boundaries, as well as healthy living, is to take time for yourself. If you are constantly getting roped into matters that take away your energy, setting aside some time for yourself is extremely beneficial and can help you recharge.