Weight Management: Mindfulness and Acceptance

By McKensie Shiner

Weight management is important to maintain good physical and mental health. By adopting healthy habits in your everyday life, you can learn to prioritize your well-being and boost your mood.

The most obvious way to manage your weight is through exercise and dieting. By cutting out processed and fast food full of calories and fats, you promote weight loss and may even start to feel more full of energy and less fatigued. Joining your local gym or starting an at-home workout program are two great ways to take your weight into your own hands.

While achieving results may seem like the be-all-end-all in this case, it is not. Remaining consistent is the key to your journey.

And while diet and exercise are great ways to work on weight management, not everyone can achieve the body they’d like to for a multitude of different reasons. In this case, there is a lot you can do that will benefit your mindset if you’re struggling with this.

One great way to prioritize weight management is to make sure you are drinking your recommended water intake daily. Additionally, instead of sugary and caffeine-loaded drinks, you may opt for a hot tea with lemon every now and then, which can promote calmness and other health benefits depending on the flavor.

Meditation is another great way to relax and to practice mindfulness when it comes to accepting yourself and the things you either struggle to change or physically can’t change. Yoga is another great practice that goes hand in hand with meditation. It focuses more on building strength and flexibility for your body, whereas meditation works the mind in a similar way.

Social media is one of the biggest and most negative influences on body image a person can face. One great way to turn it more positive is to follow people whose bodies look similar to yours, people who post about positivity, and people who work out/practice mindfulness. Seeing things you can relate to will only help you in your focus on a healthy mind and body.

At the end of the day, everybody is different and has their own goals they want to meet. We hope that you incorporate something new into your routine that helps you with your weight management and mindfulness journey. If you need any support, we, at Counseling by the Sea are here for you!