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The relationship between the client and their helping professional is the most important predictor of success in wellness. Therefore, we strive to create a client-centered, nurturing and trusting space for you. You have the right to expect us to keep your information private and confidential. It is our duty to always remain professional and ethical. We strive to respect your autonomy, as well as consistently try to understand you and your needs. It is our job to remain non-judgmental and help you to feel safe in our care.

We will collaborate with you to develop goals and come up with an individualized course of treatment. Throughout our sessions together, you can expect us to utilize techniques tailored to your needs, provide you with solutions and tools, help process your emotions and ultimately guide you to becoming a healthier you. While we may sometimes offer challenging statements, you should always expect these to be given respectfully.

At times, we will give you “homework” to be completed outside of session. Completing homework is always your choice. However, meeting once a week is not always sufficient in bringing about change. Therefore, it is up to you to be consistently implementing what you have learned in our sessions to your life outside of my office. We meet you where you are, but we cannot do all the work for you. Ultimately, you can expect us to work in partnership with you toward successful completion of your goals.

-The Counseling by the Sea Team

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